PSS Program


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Eligibility Criteria

Type of Applicant: MBBS, PG (First &Second), PhD (Medical Specialties) students and faculty are eligible to apply.
Type of Subject: Project should be related to women cardiovascular disease. Comparison with men is acceptable.

Categories in women heart disease (WHD) research

  1. Coronary artery disease in women.
  2. Congenital heart disease in women
  3. Arrhythmias and electrophysiology
  4. Pregnancy and WHD
  5. Cardio-dialectology and other endocrine disorders
  6. Neuro-cardiac diseases in women
  7. Cardio-renal disorders in women
  8. Cardio-rheumatological disorders in women
  9. Cardio-pulmonary diseases in women
  10. Onco-cardiological disorders in women
  11. Imaging modalities and WHD
  12. WHD and cardiac surgery
  13. WHD and non-cardiac surgical interventions
  14. Genetics in WHD
  15. WHD and Drugs
  16. Miscellaneous

Few examples are given below:

CAD women patients undergoing hysterectomy or surgery for acute abdomen, neurological complications following PCI, renal replacement therapy required for ACS patients, maternal and fetal cardiovascular monitoring during anesthesia, anti-coagulation required for hip surgery, diastolic dysfunction in kwashiorkor, Pulmonary arterial hypertension sickle cell disease, cardiac toxicity in chemotherapeutic drugs.

Process for selection of applicants:

  1. Strictly 3 month duration for project and 2 more months for write up (timelines for the project : CLICK here).
  2. First Proposal should send to WINCARS association through website submission (upload under PSS program-initial submission section) for selection.
  3. Applied applications for May to January period of current year will be processed for next year.
  4. After proposal selected by WINCARS association, applicant should need to submit Ethics Committee approval letter through website (PSS program-EC approval letter).
  5. Final write up should send to WINCARS association through website submission (upload under PSS program-Final submission & IJCD paper submission section) on or before given timeline.
  6. Usha Rani & committee will review the applications and announce the selected projects. This committee will reserve all the rights for selection.
  7. Sridevi & committee will the final reports and announce the results. This committee is reserve all the rights.
  8. Funds, Certificates and best paper prize will be given at Women Cardiac Care (WCC) conference.( Stipend of Rs: 10,000/ for MBBS and – Rs: 20,000/ for PD, Ph D & Faculty)


  1. Requests for providing the following categories of information shall not be entertained:
  2. Information from students/faculty may be used by the Council/designated authorities to contact / invite them to research methodology workshop/ conferences or other academic activities.
  3. The Council reserves right for no further discussion on rejected/ incomplete applications/ research proposals / late submissions to the Council.
  4. On approval of the final PSS Report& IJCD paper submission, stipend will be paid through cheque.
  5. The studentship is non-transferable and cannot be given to another student in the event of non acceptance after getting approval. However in case of transfer of guide the student can take another faculty member for same department as guide with permission from the medical college.
  6. Submission of wrong information/ document etc. detected at any stage will lead to disqualification and the application/ proposal/ project will be treated as cancelled.
  7. Any research carried out by the student without appropriate prior approval by the local IEC will not be considered under the PSS program.
  8. One student can submit only one proposal under a guide. A guide can forward only one student application. Please note that in case of more than one submission by student/guide all proposals will be automatically rejected.
  9. Students must follow the updated instructions and updated forms provided on the website ( Incomplete applications/ proposals will not be considered. WINCARS reserves the rights to approve/disapprove a project proposal upon evaluation.
  10. The proposal should give in detail the original work to be carried out by student/Faculty during three months (if student, then under the Guide) and should not be copied from earlier research/ thesis /other sources. If any kind of research misconduct is noticed at any stage of the proposal/ report would be rejected.
  11. PSS program by WINCARS ASSOCIATION, is intended to encourage and support interested MBBS, PG,Ph D students and faculty in research and all efforts have been made to provide accurate information, however Women In Cardiology And Related Sciences (WINCARS) association, will not be responsible for any loss to any person caused by inaccuracy in the information available on this Website. Any discrepancy found may be brought to the notice of WINCARS.

1. Reasons for rejection of PSS applications
2. Names and contact details of students/faculty/ guides/ reviewers
3. Any other details of any student/ Guide
4. Titles of PSS projects- approved/ disapproved
5. Scientific details of PSS projects of students
6. Minutes of PSS meetings/ marks/ scores
7. Or any other confidential information

  1. The WINCARS shall make all efforts to keep the information about participating students/ guides/ scientific reports (soft copies) confidential and in safe custody, however will not be responsible for any unintentional loss of any kind due to unforeseen reasons at this time.